Security Token Offerings

STO / TOkenized Assets

Tokenizing real-world assets and security tokens have become increasingly popular as an alternative funding method for startups and especially grown-up businesses in the Enterprise sector.

There is a wide variety of what such tokens can represent, such as ownership / equity, real estate, natural resources and any other cash flow promises.

Our services include:


  • Business Model Review
  • Cash flow modeling
  • Token strategy and STO strategy
  • Token Economics
  • Governance and voting rights
  • Investment prospectus
  • Technical requirements consulting


  • Investor Portal
  • KYC / AML Checks
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Online security
  • Wallet and private key security
  • Security audits
  • Token delivery

Marketing/ PR

  • Security Token Marketing Strategy
  • Support for Branding
  • Design / Development of STO Website
  • SEO for mobile and desktop
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • Digital Investor Acquisition Strategy
  • Digital Advertising

Added services

  • Trading venue listing support
  • Investor Relations services

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Participation models

Tokens can not only be used for funding purposes, but also as a means to design and implement participation. We provide:

  • Business model review
  • Cooperation model consulting
  • Token and incentive design
  • Interoperability models

Legal (we provide these services in cooperation with our trusted legal partners)

  • Security token legislation advisory and security token contract design
  • Company Inception guided by legal and tax considerations
  • Investment prospectus writing and review
  • Security Token Offering (STO) Agreement covering pricing, taxation, STO timeframe, token model and representation, clarification on voting rights/profit share or dividend rights attributed to token; contingencies for missed targets, Fund security, escrow etc)
  • Legal Interface to Banks/ Regulators and Legal Experts for different focus areas required by the specific Security Token
  • Implications of latest regulatory announcements/ regulations
  • KYC / AML requirements
  • Corporate Service Provider Instructions

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