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CHAINWISE Co-founder is a division for professional co-founding and investor relation services. We support promising tech start-up ideas with entrepreneurial know-how and venture capital to help turning ideas into sustainable businesses.

As a co-entrepreneur, CHAINWISE Co-founder accompanies start-ups from the founding processes with seed financing to the execution of several financing rounds with private or institutional investors, up to the successful exit. By providing the necessary infrastructure and shared services in the early stages, start-ups can put all the focus on building their vision. In the media, the common opinion is that "the start-up market lacks venture capital!". CHAINWISE Co-founder is convinced - "There is no shortage of risk capital, but rather a lack of good investment alternatives!”.

To turn a brilliant start-up idea into an attractive investment opportunity and success, the idea must be turned into a viable, scalable, sustainable and profitable business to be taken seriously by the capital market (... and not just on paper!). Without access to the capital market, many asset and capital-intensive technology start-ups are not able to become more than just good ideas!

Typically, the founders bring the technological know-how into the partnership, while CHAINWISE Co-founder provides the necessary business know-how. While the founder hence focuses on technology, its implementation, development and sales support (core business), CHAINWISE Co-founder takes care of the rest! The founder always retains control - it's his business!

Important: We work hand-in-hand with the founding team, at eye level, in our office or at the start-up's business premises. So we do not just come every now and then to give clever advice and we do not work "by remote control”!
As a co-founder, we work exclusively with entrepreneurial personalities who have demonstrated success as start-up entrepreneurs including all the ups and downs that occur in the process of building businesses.

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Who we work with

CHAINWISE co-founder supports business ideas that will generate significant customer value in fast-growing, disruptive markets. Our experience and proficiencies set the focus on technology related sectors.

No matter the stage of development nor the setup of a company, we makes sure that our expertise suits a founder’s need and a partnership perfectly fits for both sides.

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Founder with a business plan or idea

The earlier the collaboration with founders, the higher the chances for successful growth. From feasibility assessment to planning of different development stages - we help you to get going and accelerate your business.

Single founder without a team or partner

Specialists in a segment usually do not have access to the experts in non-specialist areas. We use our ecosystem and complement your founding team by providing top executives where needed.

Founder with a team and / or partner

There is more to successful founding teams than the mere accumulation of ingenious specialists. By building on trustful relationships and work ethics promoting productivity we complement your team with years of experience.

Successful start-up entrepreneur as co-founder and mentor

You are an entrepreneur and have successfully established one or more start-ups in the market, now looking for a way to bring your accumulated knowledge into the “next big thing"? Join the CHAINWISE Co-Founder Ecosystem! At the interface between innovative ideas and reliable start-up know-how, we conciliate mentors to newcomers, making the most of synergies.

Potential founder without a business plan or business idea

You have had great business ideas but never made the next step? You have played through a variety of business models but never had a strong partner at your side to support you at the early stage? Send us your CV and share your experience with us. We are eager to utilize your full potential in one of our start-ups and grow together.

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