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That's our opening post for Steem and also the begining of our own Blog. I trust you will enjoy reading us ;)

We had been around for some time, but we've finally managed to make our first post on Steem. It's super exciting to be there!

Who is CHAINWISE Group?

CHAINWISE has been founded in February 2018 by a group of blockchain enthusiasts and professionals with the aim of joining the highest "classical" entrepreneurial standards with the revolutionary nature of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies.

Our company is located in Berlin, Germany, one of the most significant worldwide hubs for blockchain and crypto. All of our team members are here, and we're planning to keep growing the company locally. Berlin as a blockchain hub is excellent - we've got heaps of awesome projects around here and a powerful community.

CHAINWISE Group is an organisation that unites various blockchain-based business models under one common vehicle, with the aim of maximising synergies between these divisions. We've started with ICO services, which was something we had been doing individually before we founded CHAINWISE, but as the market changes, we pivoted to other areas and blockchain services. Follow us on Steemit to stay updated on what we're up to.

Why Steem?

We've been following Steem for a long time now and many of our team members have been active before they started working with us. We're convinced that as a blockchain company, one needs to adopt the blockchain-based solutions and technologies to:

  -Foster mass adoption

  -Have a deep understanding of how they work

Steemit is one of the most exciting blockchain projects out there, being among the best-adopted projects worldwide.

We're aware Steem isn't perfect, but we're also here to help improve it wherever we can. For example, we are considering building professional solutions on top of Steem, and will, of course, let you know here once any of these considerations materialise.

What you can expect?

We will be posting company updates, market analyses, position articles, event announcements, opinionated comments as well as stuff that's going on inside CHAINWISE. There on Steem and also on our blog, which you will find on our webpage There will be short and long posts, sometimes multi-post articles and series. Feedback and opinions are always highly welcome, especially when you have really hard feelings about a topic (one direction or the other).

As we're generally open about the underlying technology and not limited to a specific one, bear with us when we jump topics and quickly walk from Bitcoin through Ethereum, Steem or EOS, to start writing about ICOs / STOs, market considerations or tech startups.

We'll be posting with Rewards on. We'll be deciding between 50/50 and SP-only based on what provides more value, but we generally plan to power up as much as we can. Rewards from our posts will mostly be used to support the Steem ecosystem, but (also depending on the amount) potentially also on other projects. We'll be as transparent as possible when it comes to delegations, purchases, power-downs and support. Feel free to remind us should we ever violate these principles.

Connect with us

Feel free to check us out at Also, follow us here, on Twitter (we're new there, as well), LinkedIn or Facebook. Meet us at one of our meetups in Berlin, one of the many events worldwide, or drop us an email if you have any questions. Looking forward to becoming an active part of the STEEM community.

(Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash)


About the Author

Adrian Krion

After finishing TU Darmstad, Adrian worked with Deutsche Börse AG for seven years. Next, in 2013, he co-founded techdev Solutions. Same year, he bought his first Bitcoin and he has been following the Bitcoin and Blockchain space ever since.

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