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CHAINWISE has been working with industry-leading blockchain companies and has established strong partnerships to ensure mutual growth.

Chainwise group SERVICES

CHAINWISE Group offers a wide range of services within the blockchain ecosystem we are building such as token services, solutions, marketing, and enterprise consulting. Our token services include but are not limited to STOs/Tokenized Assets, ICOs, and Fundraising. We offer proven experience across all fields combined with expert level consulting to provide support constantly exceeding expectations.

Token Services

CHAINWISE Token Services is the division of CHAINWISE Group specializing on all things tokens. Tokens are, among other usages, units of account for individual economies. We provide services and solutions to design, create, market, distribute and manage tokens on various base technologies.

We offer a maximum of professionalism and integrity when it comes to your token project. We start out understanding and supporting the design of your business model to find the best token model for you and your business. Next, we model the token, its mechanics and the economics to find the best balance between simplicity and value. Finally, we help you bring your token to life with our technical, marketing and other added services.


Many experts call blockchain and cryptocurrencies the third iteration of the internet, or Web 3.0. For the first time in the internet age, it is possible to integrate digital money and payment systems seamlessly into web-based services, as well as entire services that utilize smart contracts and decentralized data storage. At CHAINWISE Group, we build solutions based on these new possibilities.

Our solutions focus on a maximum of adoptability and UX. We strongly believe that what Web 3.0 solutions need is to provide actual value for users and providers and be a better solution than one based on mere Web 2.0. We value products which are easy to understand and provide for a simple onboarding to reach mass-adoption.

Adrian Krion - CEO of CHAINWISE Group
  • DApp development
  • Protocol design
  • UX / UI design
  • Product design
  • Client software implementation
  • Smart contract
  • PoCs, prototypes and productive solutions
  • Blockchain Integration into existing IT- Landscape
  • Industry specific application design
"Providing feasible solutions for Blockchain projects is crucial to ensure proper growth. By combining our long-lasting technical experience and a motivated team, eager to solve the impossible, we make sure an outstanding product is delivered."

Adrian Krion CEO
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The blockchain market is gaining traction fast. However, getting a hand on this faced-paced market is hard. Having the right partner that understands your needs is crucial to establish your brand on the market. That's where CHAINWISE Group steps in as your reliable partner for every step of the project.

We are still moving in a new industry and offer marketing strategies and tactics from industry experts that classic marketing agencies on the market can't provide. We have achieved outstanding results by combining our extensive knowledge in Blockchain Marketing and PR along with our unique approach to each project resulting in impactful and measurable results.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Consulting
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Asian Market
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event Support
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Support
  • Marketing Design Package
"What is the difference between vision and execution? The success of your project! True decentralization can only be achieved if your audience knows about its existence and benefits. Therefore, a well thought out strategy is vital to ensure not just short-term but long-term success."

Marcel thiess CMO
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Marcel Thiess - CMO at CHAINWISE Group


"When it comes to Blockchain, Korea is the place to be. However, in order to get access to the market and investors you need a bridge-builder like CHAINWISE, supporting you in every step of the way"

Juwon Chun Korean PR Manager

Being visible on the Korean Market is crucial for a successful fundraising round. CHAINWISE offers not only investor material translation to Korean but also creation and distribution of press releases.

  • Landing page and investor material translation in Korean, and Chinese
  • Creation and distribution of press releases in Korean/ Chinese
  • Setup of relevant channels (Kakao, WeChat)
  • Whitepaper Translation
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As this represents an unprecedented shift in the way we can think and build businesses and applications, a lot of effort is being spent on education and groundwork. However, we support our clients in finding the right approach to this new technology, as well as making the leap to adoption. Although this might seem like a giant leap forward, we make it a step-by-step effort by stripping down complexity and risk in our iterative methodology.

Swen E. Hallasch - Managing Director
  • Blockchain training and education
  • Modeling of decentralized business models
  • Proof-of-Concept development
  • Integration into existing service
  • Consensus mechanism consulting
  • Blockchain-based product design
  • Use case exploration
  • Token model
  • Adoption path exploration
"Decentralized applications can be overwhelming to the business models and processes we've acquired through centralized structures.  We help clients evaluate the possibilities of blockchain technology and translate them into applications that drive value for their users."

Swen E. Hallasch Managing Director
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Under the roof of CHAINWISE CAPITAL we bundle all things investment and financing related.
We provide our dedicated fundraising support from professional preparation of investor materials all the way to capital introduction to our investor- and partner network.

Via our dedicated Venture Capital Fund we can also invest directly into equity and tokens and provide a high touch approach to help founders grow their business successfully.

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CHAINWISE Co-Founder Service


CHAINWISE Capital Logo

CHAINWISE Co-Founder supports technology companies to build and grow a sustainable business. With extensive start-up know-how, CHAINWISE Co-Founder supports entrepreneurs in all phases of company development. Thus, founders focus on the core business, with the assurance that they can rely on a competent partner in all other areas.

Leif-Nissen Lundbæk
The XAIN Foundation aims to accelerate the adoption and development of FROST by fostering a community around the technology and supporting the creation of use cases. CHAINWISE Group has been successfully supporting the project not only with technical design but also overall project management, investor targeting, and PR. Both companies will build on their strong partnership and trust to nurture the FROST ecosystem even further.
Dietrich Sümmermann
Chairman of the Share&Charge Foundation
CHAINWISE Group and the Share&Charge foundation have been working together on advocating the E-Mobility market and real-world adaption of the blockchain through the Share&Charge solution. Both companies will continue to support each other to ensure future success.
Dietrich Sümmermann
Kent Gaertner
Deputy Chairman of European Blockchain Association e.V.
Quadriga Communication, along with CHAINWISE Group, has successfully executed several PR campaigns for ICO and blockchain projects such as XAIN and Share&Charge to ensure increased visibility on the investor market.
Kent Gaertner
Dr. Markus Büch
Professor für corporate law, FOM University of Applied Sciences Berlin
With Chainwise, ideas can become reality. They ask the right questions based on their vast experience and uncover the painful points. This puts projects on the right track. In addition, they do not turn a blind eye to theoretical considerations, but rather support practical implementation.
Dr Markus Büch

Frequently Asked Questions

How can CHAINWISE scale your business?

We provide specialized services in token design, token economy, and tech, while at the same time combining it with a holistic marketing and PR strategy.

Why was CHAINWISE started?

CHAINWISE and ICO Force were founded to provide all services needed to implement the blockchain or do a token sale.

What problem does CHAINWISE solve?

Enterprises and Start-Ups usually lack the expertise in blockchain and manpower to do an ICO/STO or implement the blockchain into their business. We solve that by providing best in class experts in Blockchain across all fields.

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CHAINWISE Group provides specialized consulting in blockchains and cryptocurrencies from best-in-class experts.

Headquartered in Berlin, we operate internationally and support clients launching blockchain technologies into their businesses.

CHAINWISE Group benefits from being a joint venture between:

  • Licensed legal and financial trustees
  • Fiduciary service providers
  • Blockchain engineering and software development company
  • Multi-channel-marketing agency dedicated to blockchain marketing
  • IT consulting firm focused on enterprise customers

Based on our extensive experience and our network of partners we are your reliable partner for all aspects of the blockchain technology, Being the first full-service provider in that industry in Germany.

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Marcel thiess

Marcel successfully grew several companies in Gaming, Marketing, and Blockchain. He managed Marketing for several Blockchain businesses leading to investments of +20 Million USD.

Swen e. Hallasch

Managing Director
Swen is a serial entrepreneur and received a row of national and international entrepreneur awards over the last years – in 2017 he also was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in the state of Saxony, Germany.

Adrian Krion

Adrian has a background in Mathematics and Computer Science, extensive experience as an entrepreneur and brings his technical and economic skills from building markets and market models at Deutsche Börse AG into the blockchain world. He has been involved in the crypto markets for over six years and working on professional blockchain and token projects since.

Mateo Sotomayor

After starting his career in business development and project management for multimillion EPC projects, he successfully founded several online brands and companies. Mateo combines a strong network of Berlins deep-tech scene with a strong network of cross-industry partners and investors.

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